Here is the list of all the Winners and the Finalists of our 2024 Seasons Finale tournament. Thank you to all coaches, players and families of over 120 teams that visited us in Garfield last weekend. Over 350 games and outstanding work and dedication of all PDA / SC Vistula staff and volunteers. Special words of appreciation for our guests from Poland – 2010 Gornik Zabrze boys. It was a pleasure to host you in NYC. We cannot wait for next year. 
Girls u11 Red:
Champion PDA SC Vistula Pajor 1
Finalist PDA SC Vistula Pajor 2

Girls u14 Red:
Champion RYSA
Finalist STA

Girls u18 Red:
Champion Paisley SC
Finalists PDA SC Vistula Lubanski

Boys u8 RED:
Champions SC Vistula Mlynarczyk
Finalist PDA 2016 Blue

Boys u9 Red:
Champion Futevol Premier
Finalist UD Academy

Boys u9 White:
Champion Phoenix FC
Finalist Lyndhurst Lions

Boys u10 Red:
Champion PSC Blue
Finalist Football Academy

Boys u10 White:
Champion PDA Zimmermann
Finalist LDUQ USA Pro

Boys u11 Red:
Champion BWG Blue 2013A
Finalist PSC Blue

Boys u11 White:
Champions BWG White 2013
Finalist PDA Mckinnie

Boys u12 Red:
Champion PDA SC Vistula Krychowiak
Finalist Football Academy

Boys u12 White:
Champion United FC
Finalist NJ Beast

Boys u13 Red:
Champion PDA SC Vistula Deyna
Finalist CSA E64 2011

Boys U14 Red:
Champion Future SC
Finalist PDA SC Vistula Milik

Boys u14 White:
Champions PDA Ream
Finalist Bloomfield Scorpions

Boys u15 Red:
Champion Gornik Zabrze 2010
Finalist PDA SC Vistula Szczesny Red

Boys u15 White:
Champion PDA SC Vistula Szczesny White
Finalist STA MUSC

Boys u16 Red:
Champion CSA E64
Finalist PDA Hibernians

Boys u16 White:
Champion PDA SC Vistula White
Finalist LDUQ USA Pro

Boys u17 Red:
Champions PDA Hibernians
Finalist PDA SC Lewandowski White

Boys u19 Red:
Champion PDA SC Vistula Lewandowski Red 2007
Finalist PDA SC Vistula Juskowiak