SC Vistula announces is Indoor Facility – the SoccerPlex.

Dear Parents / Friends,


The Board of SC Vistula is proud to announce that we were able to secure our own indoor training center to for Club.

We entered into long-term management agreement of the indoor field at 519 River Drive, which now is being called SoccerPlex – the Home of SC Vistula.

We are thrilled to make the next step in maintaining our position of the leading soccer academy in NJ. Only a handful of clubs are resourceful enough to provide its own indoor facility to the players.

The new SoccerPlex will give the Club an opportunity to grow but also maintain the focus of developing our players.

Please be patient as we will keep on improving the SoccerPlex. Soon it will feel like our home. The first promotional video filmed at our new facility can be seen here:

Thank you for being a part of SC Vistula. Our growth would not have been possible without you.