We Play for Poland!!!

Our club is a part of an amazing program, which we run in the cooperation with Polish Soccer Federation and Polish-American Soccer Association, that identifies talented soccer players of the Polish citizenship living in the United States and giving them the opportunity to develop their skills under the eye of the Polish National Youth Teams. We started the 2nd edition of “We play for Poland” last weekend in Chicago with 30 boys from all over the United States and Canada participating in the workshop with coaches Bartlomiej Zalewski and Dariusz Gesior. We had three of our players selected: Lukasz Wyczawski, Jan Blaszczak and Jakub Soltys to be a part of it. 

Also coaches Piotr Sala and Bogdan Zagorski are a vital part of the project. Our boys did a phenomenal job at the camp and we cannot wait to see them again in Poland in July and in Garfield in August. This project is called “We play for Poland” and we are certain that soon we will see one or more of our boys wearing white and red national colors!!!!