TRADITION. PASSION. FAMILY – This one focuses on the last part of our motto, but is equally important to us.

This is why family matters. This is the club we want to be. Thank you Leon for sharing this with us. Thank you Gustaw for loving soccer. Thank you Palasz family for being a part of SC Vistula.

By: Leon Palasz

Soccer is a very hard and dramatic sport. You can get tired very easily from running all the time. Gustaw loves soccer so much and works to be the best so much that I think that soccer is in his blood. He doesn’t care when there is turf all over the house and his smelly shin guards and shoes are on the floor. Except for our Dog Ebi he loves everything that is smelly. My little brother is sometimes moody as well. When he does bad on a game he throws stuff like pillows, he doesn’t feel like talking to anyone, or he blames the referee for losing or doing bad on the game. That only shows how much he really cares about Soccer. When he does well on a game and scores a goal when he gets home he celebrates by doing Fortnite dances, it is hilarious.

Gustaw has really good friends on his team like Tecza, Piszczek, and of course Patrick his cousin. This is because in soccer if you don’t work as a team you won’t ever win a game. My brother almost never listens to his mom and dad sometimes even yells at them, but I never seen or heard him disrespecting his coach. (That means something.) Gustaw also likes to look good on the field and that costs a lot of money. (Adidas cloths are expensive Gustaw!) This is why Gustaw loves Soccer.