S – Stay Positive & Supportive! Always! O – Our Club’s Standards for Courtesy and Professionalism are very high! Please keep Yours the same. C – Coaches are Human! Let them do their job during games and practices! C – Coaching from the sidelines is confusing for all! Please do not do it! E – Everyone comes to the […]

PDA SC Vistula Season Finale 2023

PDA SC Vistula would like to invite your team to compete in the PDA SC Vistula Season Finale. Each team gets 3 games guaranteed plus one final game for the finalists of each bracket. The tournament offers multiple levels of competition ranging from Elite to Travel level.· Affordable registration fees.· Three games guaranteed.· NJYS Sanctioned […]

SC Vistula and Legia Soccer Schools start REC Soccer in Wallington!!!!

Registration is now open for the SC Vistula and Legia Soccer Schools soccer program in Wallington. You can register at and  Program includes 10 weeks and two per week sessions run according to the tested methodology. Kids born in 2018 and older are welcomed.  Sessions will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays starting on […]

Boys Tryouts Rescheduled!! 

We are rescheduling for the exact same times and days next week. Monday, March 20th – 600pm till 7pm 2018 – 2017 – 2016 – 2015 Boys  Monday, March 20th – 715pm – 815pm 2014 – 2013 – 2012 Boys Tuesday,  March 21st – 600pm till 700pm 2011 – 2010 Boys Tuesday,  March 21st – 715pm till 815pm 2009 – 2008 Boys  Tuesday, March […]

SC Vistula Seniors collect another Cup!!!!

It was a great Sunday for our Senior team. They collected another trophy for the club under the coaching guidance of still injured Chris Karcz.  After a 2:1 win over the always dangerous Jackson Lions our team brough Werner Fricker NJ Cup to Garfield. Now onto the regionals…  Great start to the season.

We still need Your support for coach Luis!!!

We still need those who did not act yet to look into your hearts and wallets and helps us to support one of the most dedicated and friendly coaches we ever had at SC Vistula. No matter how big or small your donation might be, it will not only help coach in the time of […]

PDA / SC Vistula 2011 Boys win the NJ Indoor Cup!!!

It seems that we are in for a lot of fun with this age group. After competing in Warsaw at the Legia cup against Manchester United, PSV, Aston Villa, Sparta Prague, Legia and Hertha Berlin last November our boys won the NJ Indoor Cup last weekend. Strong showing and confirming being one of the strongest […]


As a part of the PDA / SC Vistula Girls program and part of the mission of creating the country leading Girl’s program in New Jersey, we are offering the College ID clinics in Garfield.  Coaches from nationally acclaimed universities will be in Garfield on April 8, 2023 searching for the top local talent. Please […]