Christmas is the time of giving!!!! Let’s support Marcin’s family!!!!

As you all know, we lost a friend and a member of the SC Vistula Team of the Legends – Marcin Pachowicz. He was only 45 and left a beautiful family behind. As you know – every year during XMas, we support a cause that needs our help. Every year we want to teach our kids that giving is much more meaningful that receiving and making someone else happy is more important than fulfilling your own needs. This year, when sadness strikes so close and so near the special time of the year – let’s show one more time that SC Vistula is a club of the greatest heart and soul. The club that doesn’t forget its own and always comes through in the time of need. 

Let’s show Marcin’s family that once you put the jersey with the White Star on your chest it stays in your heart forever!!!