We will remember today for a very long time, as our teams are reaching for the levels ever explored in the history of our club. Our two Elite teams – SC Vistula 2009 Panthers and SC Vistula 2007 Lewandowski reached the finals of the NJ State Cup. They both won the semifinal games by the score of 2:1 over Real JFC and SFL respectively. Chris Tencela scored 2 goals and Filip Cyrulik and Alex Gibas scored one each for teams of coach Sala and Zagorski. While we proudly will cheer the teams in their final games next Sunday, hoping to see the boys in white and red to win the trophy it is hard not to be amazed how a hardworking and humble club from Garfield can compete and win against the NJ power houses and local soccer academies. When you do it for the love of the game, the budgets do not matter, only passion, skills and unstoppable will to be the best. Watch out, we are just getting started. GO WISLA!!!!