With some many words, awards, trophies, wins already said and accomplished for our Elite 2007 team we thought that we have seen it all. But today marks the historical moment for SC Vistula, coach Sala and of course our hard working, never give up group of players. They are #1 ranked team in the country…. Let’s say it again…. SC Vistula Garfield 2007 Lewandowski are #1 team in the country…. Name after the best player in Poland (and possibly in the world) – taking after his work ethics, chase of dreams and unstoppable drive to be the best, or boys and coach were able to accomplish something that is absolutely amazing. Today is the time to celebrate as you all deserve it. Tomorrow – you need to start working harder to stay #1.

We usually refer to the as SC Vistula 2007 Elite Lewandowski, but at the end of the day these are our wonderful boys: Gerardo (Argent), Anthony, Nitus, Manny, Halacik, Alex, Max, Maly, Rami, JoJo, Morozik, Jonathan, Sebi, Big Chris, Roman, Zieba and coach Sala. YOU DID IT!!!!!