MAGICAL WEEKEND – APR 22-24, 2022 – PART 4 – THE BIG PARTY!!!       

SC Vistula 70th Anniversary Gala Celebration was a party that will not be matched any time soon. The list of the honorable guests included the Minter of Sport – Kamil Bortniczuk, Chairman of the Polish Soccer Federation – Cezary Kulesza, Owner of Legia Warsaw – Dariusz Mioduski, Head Coach of the Polish National team – Czeskaw Michniewicz. The Master of the Ceremony was Polish nominee for the Eurovision festival – Rafal Brzozowski… and the list could continue for a while. Whoever missed it – shame on you, as you missed a historic event and tons of fun. Thank you to almost 400 people that participated and felt it was important to support your club!!! Thank you to all that helped to make this evening so spectacular!!!! We did it and we are just getting started. I am sure that all in attendance are still singing “Country Roads” and probably jumping a bit.