PDA / SC Vistula appoint Sam Nellins as the new Director of Coaching.

PDA and SC Vistula are delighted to announce that as the next stop of their partnership Sam Nellins was appointed as the new Director of coaching. 

The partnership of PDA and SC Vistula with the current success of their youth programming will benefit both clubs immediately and create a powerful contender for years to come. The project will be led by Sam Nellins who will bring 30+ years of experience to the task. Given his exceptional record of leading PDA in the US Development Academy and the MLS next leagues we have every confidence in his ability to replicate the magic at PDA / SC Vistula. This is a critical appointment and we are excited that Sam is willing to accept the challenge. Sam has been with PDA since its inception in 1998 and will continue to improve our club with this expansion to Northern NJ. He will remain an asset to PDA Zarephath in his capacity as PDA Vistula Coaching Director. We will continue to use his talents in our player development initiatives and know that he will continue to be impactful regardless of office location. Sam will begin his full time appointment at his new position in August, but he is already involved with designing the strategy of the club, coaches and players development at the PDA / SC Vistula.