Another step in the history of the club was made yesterday. Our 2007 boys confirmed their dominance in the state of New Jersey and highest ranks in the US Soccer by punching their ticket to the US Youth Soccer National Finals Tournament in Orlando. We cannot stress enough the amount of hours spent by the coaching staff (Coaches Sala, Czovek and Rea) as well as the resources dedicated to the team by the club. We cannot describe the effort and hard work of the players and parents. We cannot count the disappointments, defeats and tears leading up to this. But there are two things that we have confirmed by this success:
The first one is overall direction and methodology of work elected by our club few years ago focusing primary on the players and coaches development and creating as professional environment for them as possible. The second one is dedication to the correct soccer growth focusing on the proper way of coaching with team approach, while pushing the individuals to reach the new heights. While, we did not win all the games playing in the National League, we were the proudest to see the way our team played on the field. Not only coming to the games with proper attitude, fighting until the last whistle, but more above all – playing sound tactical soccer. Building the attack from the back, moving the ball and formations as well as transitioning from defense to offense and vice versa. Kudos to all not only for the result but also for the way it was achieved. Coach Peter, Coach Robert, Coach Luis – it is an honor to have you as a part of SC Vistula. You brought this team and club to the next level!!!!