SC Vistula – The Team of the Legends – 1952 – 2022!!!

The team of the SC Vistula’s Legends was announced during our Gala Dinner on Apr 24, 2022.

The members of this team displayed their dedication to the club during their players and coaching years with SC Vistula.

We are thankful for having them as part of our legacy and as role models to our your players.

The SC Vistula 1952-2022 – The Team of the Legends:

  • Piotr  Golabek
  • Wojciech Ziebowicz
  • Jan Karcz
  • Christopher Karcz
  • Artur Niemiec
  • Krzysztof Duda
  • Marcin Janeczko
  • Lukasz Hausner
  • Jacek Kozdron
  • Zbigniew Krawczyk
  • Marcin Pachowicz
  • Zenon Podwyszynski

The awards were presented by Kamil Bortniczuk – the Ministry of Sport / Cezary Kulesza – the Chairman of Polish Soccer Federation / Dariusz Mioduski – the Owner and President of Legia Warsaw