There are moments in life when despite the occasional doubt one realizes that what you do makes a difference and truly matters. 

Jeff, Simon and Alan are currently great prospects at the Red Bull Academy, but they all have a bit more in common… Last names are Bryjak, Gorczowski and Rutkowski – also the language they all speak other than English is Polish. 

They also shared years together learning their soccer at SC Vistula Garfield. We as a club and coaches that had an opportunity to add to their soccer education (coach Peter and Luis) are extremely proud of what you are today. 

From all of us at SC Vistula – Thank you for showing us that what we do not only makes sense, but also that it is not a dream and based on smart decisions, great coaching and parenting can truly shape a great life and soccer path. 

For those of you who cannot spot them…. Simon is first on the left (top row), Allan is in the middle of the top row and Jeff is 3rd from the right in the lower row.