STATE CHAMPIONS – SC VISTULA 2007 ELITE LEWANDOWSKI HONORED AT THE NJ YOUTH SOCCER GALA Our State Champions and #1 ranked team in the country was honored yesterday at the NJ Youth Soccer Dinner. As the boys received the NJ State Cup here is the message they shared with the rest of the NJ soccer world:

SC Vistula 2007 Lewandowski and coach Sala would like to thank all the opposing teams we faced on our way to the final. It was an honor to play against them. SC Vistula as a club and this 2007 Lewandowski team appreciates the opportunity to compete and grow as a part of the NJ youth soccer. This experience made us stronger players and better organization. We understand that it would not be possible without our coaches and parents, so we want to make sure we extend our Thanks to them. As we hold the name of one of the greatest players in the world – Robert Lewandowski, we want to make sure we follow his example of hard work, setting up new and higher goals and always be hungry for more. But, at the same time staying humble and appreciating what we have.