Dear Parents,

We hope that you are well. As we promised last week, the Board of the Club is working hard on making sure that club is going to come back as the stronger organization after the COVID-19 lockdown.

According to the info from the last week, we want to share the following information with you.

  1. Possible scenarios for the Spring 2020 seasons.

We look at the 3 possible scenarios of resuming the spring season and while we are hoping that we will be able to get back on the fields asap, we determined the following:

  • If we are able to start the season on Jun 1, 2020 or earlier – we are expecting to run a full season during the months of June and July (possibly reaching into August) and no financial refund or credit for next year registration will be given. We will offer each team free participation in one tournament in the season 2020/21 (not including SC Vistula tournament)
  • If we can start the season on Jul 1, 2020 and run shorten season we will give all current players credit of 10% applied to the registration for the next season.
  • If we cannot start the season at all, we will give all current players credit of 20% applied to the registration for the next season.
  • Teams that were scheduled to play only winter and spring season (2003/4 /5 boys & 2005/1 girls) will receive higher credit. Respectively 35% and 50%.
  • Here is the chart showing the possible credits:
Full season price July start – 10% credit No season – 20% credit
$                                         975  $                                        98  $                                            195
 $                                      1,075  $                                     108  $                                            215
 $                                      1,175  $                                     118  $                                            235
 $                                      1,225  $                                     123  $                                            245
 $                                      1,750  $                                     175  $                                            350
 Winter / Spring teams July start – 35% credit No season – 50% credit
$                                         775  $                                     271  $                                            388

  1. The decision about the value of the credit given to the players was carefully studied and we simply cannot offer a higher credit due to the following factors:
  • The financial model of the club is based on a stream of the additional revenue sources that we were unable to organize this season like Annual Fundraiser Ball, REC soccer and SC Vistula tournament
  • The club has already paid league fees for the entire season and we are not going to receive these funds back
  • We still have approximately $15,000 in uncollected dues for the current season
  • Please also note that players who are past due with their 2019/20 season registration fees will not be eligible for the 2020/21 credit

  1. As of last week all coaches were asked to maintain the following guidelines:
  • Send at least 2 practice drills to their teams per week
  • Create a challenge or tasks to keep the team busy, motivated and close together
  • Organize (in cooperation with team managers) a zoom meeting with the parents to go over the above plan and answer any possible questions.
  • Keep contact with the players via zoom meetings

Please note that with younger teams we must ask parents to coordinate and help with a lot of the above for the obvious reasons.

  1. Season 2020/21 registration fees and procedures:
  • The Board of the Club decided to keep the registration fees for the next season at the same level as for 2019/20 season.
  • In order to help all in the challenging times, we reduced the initial registration fee from 50% of the value to $200 per player
  • The remaining balance can be paid in 5 equal instalments by the first of each month starting in August and finishing in December. All dues must be paid in full by Dec 1. Players, who have outstating balances will not be permitted to participate in the indoor season.
  • The registration for 2020/21 season will start on May 15, 2020 and we will advise you all details soon. We are working on handling all registration procedures online.
  • Winter and Fall teams will need to register now and pay the deposit. Their installment payments will start on December 1 and will be broken into 3 installments ending on Feb 1, 2021.

  1. Other items:
  • We will make a decision within the next week about cxling / postponing our Annual Fundraiser Party.
  • The Board decided to purchase a modern game taping and video analysis system (Veo) to be used for games and practices. It should be available for all the teams to use starting in June 2020
  • We are still not sure if we are going to be able to run our SC Vistula tournament this season
  • Our partnership with Legia Warsaw is on hold (due to obvious reasons) and if all goes well, it will be finalized in September.

It seems to be all for now. Your questions can be answered by your coaches and team managers.

Stay healthy. We are hoping to see you all on the field soon.

The Board of SC Vistula.