USYS National Playoffs – SC Vistula 2007 Elite Lewandowski – We could not be more proud!!!

Soccer is a great sport. There is no guarantees. There is nothing given. You have to earn everything.

Our 2007 boys earned the right to represent New Jersey in the National Playoffs in Orlando. This is the only tournament to which you cannot sign up, pay and play. You have to earn that right by showing that you are the best in your state.

Only then you played the best teams from other state. We did. We played three tough, beautiful game. We were a few inches short of going to the Finals and were fighting like crazy until the last whistle.

This tournament was a huge success for our club. We cannot compare with the size and budgets of the clubs we played against, but once the first whistle blows it all disappears. The only thing that is lest and counts is your hard work, determination and heart.

Our club, parents and coaches did a phenomenal job getting the boys the best possible conditions to be ready. Huge Thanks should be given to coaches Sala and Czovek for their countless hours of work, talent and love for this club and teams.

We reached new heights and we will stay at this level. With 2008, 2009 and younger groups ready to follow the path of the 2007 Lewandowski – we know that SC Vistula’s name will continue to be seen as one of the best clubs in the USA.

For that and for your hard work for this team and club we cannot be thankful enough to our boys, parents and coaches.