Please see the line up of teams and coaches for the 2019/20 season. As you look at the list of the teams, here are a few point of clarifications:

  • 2014, 2013 and 2012 teams are going to be supervised by the head coach and 3 assistants (who are going to be determined later on). Each team will consist of 10 players.
  • Coaches Kruczek and Micek are going to be in charge of 2011 teams
  • Coach Sala is going to be in charge of 2010 teams
  • Coach Bogusz and Dec will determine if we are going to have one 2009/8 team or two separate 2009B and 2008 teams.
  • Coaches for the teams rejoining in the winter will be determined at a later time. We will make sure that coaches running those teams will be the best qualified in order to make sure of the soccer development as well as maintaining the club values in the teams that should be perceived as role models for the younger players.
  • Players assigned to 2006/7 team will be chosen by coaches Czovek and Zagorski


2014 – 3 teams – Wesolowski / 3 assistants

2013 – 3 teams – Zagorski / 3 assistants

2012 – 3 teams – Bogusz / 3 assistants

2011 – Kruczek / Micek

2011B – Kruczek / Micek / Alvarado

2010A – Sala

2010B – Malka

2009A – Zagorski

2009B – Bogusz / Dec

2008 – Bogusz / Dec

2007A – Sala

2007B – Zagorski / Hlawacz

2007C – Wesolowski / Hlawacz

2006/7 – Czovek

2005 – Dec – winter and spring only

2004 – TBA – winter and spring only

2003 – TBA – winter and spring only


2009 – Janeczko

2006/7 – Kozdron / Drelich

2005 – TBA – winter and spring only

2002 – Wesolowski / Kondratowicz

As already explained at the Annual Meeting as well as in the presentation, we will have a dedicated Director of Coaching and Soccer Development whose responsibility is going to be introducing and monitoring the coaching development plan as well as monitoring the progress of teams and individual players. He will also focus on a special program for our Elite teams and coaches.

Next year line up of the teams is designed to accomplish three things:

  1. To allow for a better individual players allowing them to practice with better teams (age groups)
  2. Build up the club’s younger teams
  3. Focus on better coaching for all teams not only the premier ones.

If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to your coaches or myself.