SC Vistula – Season ending Picnic – Jun 16, 2018!

The Annul season ending picnic and MVP and MIP trophy presentation was held yesterday on Saturday, Jun 26, 2018.

The event took place at the grounds of Swim and Sport Club in Flanders. It was attended by over 250 people and we believe that all had fun.

We had several competitions held for the players as well as presentation of the MVP and MIP trophies took place.

We will have the complete list of all awarded players by team posted, but here is the list of the winners of competitions held yesterday:

  1. Table tennis for kids – Eric Moroz
  2. Table tennis for adults – Jacek Rodzen
  3. Soccer skills – group #1 – Daniel Baba
  4. Soccer skills – group #2 – Alex Gibas
  5. Soccer skills – group #3 – Bradley Maliborski
  6. Family race – Nitek family

As planned the annual Coaches vs Parents game was organized. The score is not that important, but the Coaches won, as it was agreed before the game.

Thank you all for participating and for a Great Season.

Have a safe summer and we will see all of you in August.